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January 04, 2012


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kay, here is??tonights??header[PLEASE READ]: "the Denver Nuggets may be the hottest team in the Western Conference, but the San Antonio Spurs are coming off a convincing victory over the reigning NBA champions.
The Nuggets look to extend their winning streak to five when they open their season series with the Spurs on Saturday night in Texas."
Now I realize that GK may have said what he said about Faried to keep people from breathing down his neck but, this is a game were he will HAVE to play Faried.[not in absolute terms of course] The San Antonio Spurs will absolutely kill us on rebounding!! Mark my words, if we do not play big,??aggressive??and strong in the paint, we just wont win this game. We will need Faried at the end of the 2nd period and at the end of the 3rd period. Play him 5 mins at a time and give him an assignment to grab rebounds on offense and block lots of shots. If the dunk is open, put it down. Why at these times? This is were we have our??lulls??, our lack of concentration and energy. This is also were we jack up a ton of shots. This method will allow the shooters on our team really go for it knowing the Faried is there on the put back and if we miss the rebound that Faried will be back to block shots.This is the prescription..someone send this on to GK before??tonights??game and watch us win. I would also recommend this for all games as well.
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