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October 01, 2009


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Jeanne Iske

You bet I read this - but only to see if you mention my son's name! Thanks Koz! Mrs. Iske

Jean Welch

I would love it if Jason could wish John Welch a happy birthday during the Nuggets game @ Memphis tonight (2/17/63) Did you know that he shares a birthday with another kinda famous basketball player?

Rich Smith

Let me first say I think George is a good coach. I am not so sure he is a great coach. When the game is on the line, or the team is in the playoffs George will revert to George. It doesn't matter how deep the Nuggets teams is if when the game is on the line George is going to play his boys only. Over the past month we have seen various players have a bad night of shooting and George will still play his boys at crunch time. It has cost the Nuggets several games such as earlier in February when Koufos was having a career first half and then did not play one minute in the second half and I don't think played until the final 30 seconds in overtime. Last night was another perfect example when Miller turned cold and was throwing up shots JR Smith would have been hung for but George keeps him in there. He is too slow to play defense on the quicker guards and even the ESPN announcers could not figure out why the Nuggets kept having Miller bring the ball down and throw up one brick after another. Next game Andre may be back to normal but the reason you have 12 guys suited up is to play those who are hot and when someone is having a bad night get them out. I have seen this over and over with Nene, Miller Al Harrington to name a few if you are one of George's chosen you will play at crunch time no matter how bad you are playing and those on the bench will not see the floor so depth means nothing.

Richie in Loveland

Hey Koz, Thanks for making the Nuggets games entertaining for those of us who can't afford cable tv! I like your " relation to..." comments, and I have a couple of suggestions for an upcoming game against a team that I particularly HATE. How about: "Serge Ibaka, no relation to Sir Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies." Also, "Russell Westbrook, no relation to Jane Russell, the 1940s sex symbol, but potentially related to the Wicked Witch of the Westbrook." He deserves that after goal tending against Rocky!!! Keep it fun!

Bob Ezra


you do a fine job with the Nuggets play by play BUT...could you please pronounce Andre Igoudala's name correctly?


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