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April 10, 2010


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Kyle, this is the most precious announcement of a baby girl from a daddy's perspective I have ever read. I get the chills and then I cry! Thank you for sharing your heart. lk


Congratulations on your baby girl Kyle, she's a real cutie (I've seen your pictures on Facebook). Spend as much time with her as you can because kids grow up too fast.

Gene Peeples

Kyle - it's Gene from the sunset cocktail couple overlooking the Pacific on your and Dana's "Babymoon". I thought maybe I could find a blog or facebook or something to get an update and sure enough, found this blog through Google. Congratulations to you and Dana...i will pass the news on to Suzy...woohooo!

Kyle Keefe

Hey Gene, great to hear from you...Yes, we are pumped to be parents. It has been quite a journey. Hope you and Suzy are well. Take care my friend!

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